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Workforce Alliance President & CEO Bill Villano has never met a workforce or economic issue he wasn’t willing to debate! Now he’s sharing 35 years of insight through conversations with guests and friends in public service and business.

E23: Tariq Farid launches his new CBD Company, Incredible Edibles. A new interview with the founder of Edible Arrangements on his inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit. 

E22: Ten Miles of Opportunity- Inside the new Amazon Fulfillment Center in North Haven, CT, which opened in the summer of 2019 creating close to 3,000 jobs.

E21: Bill talks with economist and professor Harry J. Holzer on preparing for disruption and the “3 L’s”: longer unemployment, lower wages and labor market withdrawal.

E20: Discover the jobs, skills and training opportunities in the medical and recreational marijuana business with Joe LaChance of CannaHealth LLC. 

E19: Cannabis is a $9 billion industry. CT Attorney and NORML Counsel Aaron Romano digs into how the industry has grown and the workforce outlook.

E18: Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation returns to talk about innovation. Includes a bonus interview with Colony Grill owner Ken Martin on personalizing spaces.

E17: Darrell West, author of “The Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation,” and Brookings Institution scholar on how the way we live, work and related to each other is changing.

E16: Part 2 of a conversation with founder and marketing expert Robert McGuire on how to work with freelancers. Link to the Freelancer Study metioned in this episode here:

E15: Robert McGuire, founder of on why more people choose to work as independent contractors.

E14: David DeLong, workforce strategies speaker and author, on the perfect storm of retirements, recruitment and retention.

E13: Attorney Glenn Formica opens up about his newsworthy cases and how the immigration system impacts workers and employers.

E12: CT Senator Edward Kennedy leads the charge for fair scheduling for hourly workers and their employers.

E11: The Walmart Foundation‘s Julie Gehrki speaks for the U.S.’s largest retail employer on the sector’s health and worker mobility.

E10: Ellen Davis, VP of the National Retail Federation, says news of retail’s demise is greatly exaggerated.

E9: Art Bilger, founder of of Working Nation, gives a take on unemployment in the US.

E8: Reducing prison rates and Second Chances for ex-offenders, with former  Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Undersecretary Mike Lawlor, now a professor at the University of New Haven.

E7: Paul Harrington Part 2: More on jobs, youth and automation.

E6: Part 1 with lively Labor Market Economist Paul Harrington. What really causes economic inequality? Hint: It’s not Walmart’s fault.

E5: Before becoming Microsoft’s new Director of Workforce Policy, Portia Wu recapped her 8 years as U.S. Assistant Labor Secretary.

E4: IT Workforce Training and the need for private investment with Microsoft’s Bill Kamela.

E3: Edible Arrangements Founder Tariq Farid on signature customer service.

E2: Connecticut manufacturing industry leaders Marcia LaFemina of Penn Globe & Paul Hoffman of Orange Research

E1: New Haven’s own 23-term U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro

Bonus Episode: 5 Questions with Senator Chris Murphy, following his walk across Connecticut.

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