One Stop Services Orientation

One Stop Services Orientation provides an eligibility overview and entry into 1-on-1 services including job development assistance and/or tuition assistance.

How Do I Register?

Create an individual account at DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

CTHires link

Special computer kiosks are available at American Job Centers for CTHires registrations.

You can enroll via CTHIres, or visit an American Job Center in New Haven, Meriden or Middletown

Call for additional information:

New Haven American Job Center, 560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd., 203-624-1493

Meriden American Job Center, 87 W. Main Street, 203-238-3688

Middletown American Job Center, 272 South Main Street, 860-788-2214

Who Should Attend?

Jobseekers, 18 years or older, who reside in South Central CT and are unemployed, working less than full time or earning less than a livable wage.

Veterans and veteran spouses receive priority service.

What To Expect?
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the Orientation start time. Plan to stay for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. No children please.
  • A math and reading assessment will be administered.
  • Bring as many edibility documents (listed below) to Orientation as possible. This will speed up the next step, which is a 1-on-1 with a Career Advisor. If not, you'll receive a list of what to bring back.

What are eligibility documents?

Most programs determine eligibility by household size and income. You will be asked to supply copies of thee documents:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Selective Service Registration (males who are 18 and born on or after Jan. 1, 1961)
  • Household income including recent pay stubs or W2*
  • Household size including birth certificates*
  • Self-Attestation
  • if you are already a Certified Dislocated Worker through the CT Department of Labor, bring your certification document. Walk-in Dislocated Worker Certifications offered at the Hamden American Job Center, 37 Marne Street, Hamden, CT.

*If you have a documented disability, please supply:

  • Recent letter from your doctor, therapist, case manager or other authorized professional identifying your disabilities and any limits you may have for training or work.
  • Income: Only for yourself
  • Household Size: birth certificates for you and your dependents only
  • Questions? Contact Disability Resource Coordinator Barbara Green at (203) 867-4030 x 239

More Frequently Asked Questions

I used to be a customer of CTWorks, do I have to start over?

American Job Centers will have a record of your past participation. Depending on when you were last active, you may need to start again with an

Orientation. Contact our staff with any questions.

What if I don't qualify under Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act (WIOA)?

While WIOA is the primary program for training and employment assistance, there are many other options.

Visit our Manufacturing & Engineering or ITXpress sections to learn more about on-the-job training, internships or certification training.

The Health Careers Advancement Project offers free college courses, on-the-job training, plus job matching for low-income adults.

The Self-Service Career Centers in Hamden, New Haven, Meriden and Middletown are open to the public 8:30 AM -4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

Onsite hiring events by employers and public workshops offered in each location.

How do I get training?

Explore all of your options on our Education Partners page. You and your Career Advisor will do an inventory of your skills and experience and

determine if training is a necessary part of your job plan. Many people move directly into job development with some enhanced resume, interview

and job search skills. Training is also available through the Health Careers Advancement Project, ITXpress for long-term unemployed workers

in the manufacturing, engineering and IT trades.

Can you help me get a special license or certification?

Our Career Advisors can work with you to locate the required training to obtain a special license or certification based on your job field, or will

assist you in the application process to obtain the license or certification. Your Career Advisor may also refer you to Metrix Online for skills

enhancement and certification preparation. See also: ITXpress & manufacturing, engineering and IT trades.

Can I get help with my resume?

Once enrolled, you may be scheduled for workshops to help create the best possible resume, and receive one-on-one help from program staff.

The self-service Career Center computer labs are also available for you to use Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

What if I need transportation?

Ask your Career Advisor about available options.

Can you help me with child care?

Career Advisors will assist you in exploring available child care subsidy options.

Will I have access to a computer, a fax, and other tools?

Career Centers provide resume and cover letter paper, mailing services, postage, a fax machine, and copy machine, and internet access, at no charge.

What kinds of jobs are out there?

Get South Central CT Labor Market Information on our Growth Sectors page.

Job Postings are shared in each of our American Job Centers. See also our Recruiting & Hiring page.

Create an account at to search jobs and allow employers to find you.

Will you help me find a job?

Your job plan may include direct job placement, on-the-job training or classroom or online training. Guided and monitored job search, resume

building, interview practice, attending Job Clubs, job fairs and hiring events are all included. Upon finding a new job, staff will follow up with you

monthly to track our progress and offer continued assistance.

Open Information Sessions: Register Today!

ITXpress: Information Technology training and support for 17-29 Year Olds

Provides FREE training and support services to young adults ages 17-29 with a desire to land jobs or move up within the field of Information

Technology. Attend an information session at 1:30 PM on select Wednesdays. Email Matthew Reid or call (203) 867-4030 x 287.

Leveraging Your Technical Skills in: IT, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Provides information about employment trends in Information Technology (IT), Advanced Manufacturing, and Engineering sectors and access to

training assistance through Workforce Alliance. Please bring your resume. To register, email Paul Gagne or call (203) 867-4030 x 219

Health Careers Advancement Project Orientation

Learn about free short term job-related training for low-income participants for employment in high-demand healthcare occupations: patient care

and nursing, emergency medicine, community health and patient navigation, health information management. Participants selected by lottery.

Email New Haven Career Navigator Sherreida Reid or call (203) 624-1493 x 207

Email Meriden Career Navigator TaMesha Green or call (203) 238-3688 x 307

Next Steps: Turning Ex-Offenders into Jobseekers

Next Steps is designed to turn ex-offenders into job seekers with life skills, job training and workplace-readiness. Working with the police, the

courts, probation and parole services, and community organizations, Workforce Alliance provides a program that increases the odds of success.

New cohorts begin the FIRST WEEK of EVERY MONTH at the New Haven American Job Center, 560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd., New Haven. Registration

required. Call (203) 624-1493 x 210 to register.