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WorkPath Fund Launched in CT

The WorkPath Fund was created to assist Connecticut parents with dependent children (18 and under, living in their household) to obtain or maintain employment. Working through CTWorks Career Centers, WorkPath is designed to provide a small, one-time payment, up to $1,000, directly to a reputable vendor to cover job-related costs, such as uniforms, transportation, childcare, licensing fees, or other expenses that may cause barriers to employment. Eligibility will be determined by CTWorks Career Case Managers and will be verified by specific documentation. No administrative fees or other costs will be taken from donations to the Fund – all dollars will go directly to covering job-related costs.

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The CT Commission on Children, Liberty Bank Foundation, Workforce Alliance and the four other workforce investment boards in the state (The Connecticut Workforce Development Council) raised the initial capital for the WorkPath Fund. Workforce Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit and the fiscal agent for Workpath. Individuals or groups that wish to donate to the fund can do so through our PayPal link, or by check.

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