Workforce Today

Workforce Alliance President & CEO Bill Villano has never met a workforce or economic issue he wasn't willing to debate! Now he's sharing 35 years of insight through conversations with guests and friends in public service and business.

Guests Include:

New Haven's own 23-term U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro (E01)

Manufacturing industry leaders Marcia LaFemina of Penn Globe and Paul Hoffman of Orange Research (E02)

Edible Arrangements Founder & CEO Tariq Farid (E03) discusses what makes great customer service.

IT workforce training and the need for private investment with Microsoft's Bill Kamela. (E04)

Former U.S. Assistant Labor Secretary Portia Wu's 8-year recap and what the future holds. (E05)

Five Questions with Senator Chris Murphy (Bonus) following his walk across CT.

Double Feature with Labor Market Economist Paul Harrington: There was too much to cover in one episode! Jobs, youth, automation, what's really causing economic inequality, and why bashing Walmart is off the mark. (E06 and E07)

What works to reduce prison rates and give ex-offenders the best shot at a second chance? (E08) CT's undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Mike Lawlor shares what our state is doing and ways to turn ex-offenders into jobseekers. Visit the Office of Policy & Management's CJPPD site for reports, forecasts and trends.

What are the biggest threats and opportunities to CT and the US labor market in the face of a looming employment crisis? We talked with WorkingNation's Art Bilger about what will transform the economy and impact the workforce (E09).

New episodes monthly.

Workforce Today: The Podcast that talks locally, but thinks globally!

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