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Issue Date: Nov. 21, 2017

NEW Extended Return Date: Friday., Jan. 19, 2018, 11 AM.

Q & A from Proposer's Conference, 12/5/17:

1. Clarification on how questions relate to the scoring table in the RFP: They relate to scoring, but not necessarily in the order of the response. Some of the criteria will be measured by more than one section. Additionally, we will consider information gained by reference checks.

2. What is the State Administered Business System (SABS) referred to on Pg. 7 of the RFP? This is a generic reference to any of the CT Dept. of Labor or Dept. of Social Services Client Management Information Systems that we are mandated to use to enroll and track customers. Currently, this includes CTHires, CTWBS, Impact and EMS. We use the generic term because this list of various systems could change by the time we execute the Provider contract.

3. What centers are comprehensive vs. affiliate and what does that mean? Currently, the New Haven center is the comprehensive center, meaning there are both DOL (UI & Wagner-Peyser) and WIOA (Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth) services offered onsite, along with the physical presence of all mandatory WIOA partners. Hamden, Meriden and Middletown are considered affiliates or satellites.

4. Will you share current performance reports, and does the board set its own performance standards beyond state or federal mandates? Workforce Alliance does not issue supplemental WIOA or JFES performance standards. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MOST RECENT PERFORMANCE REPORT.

5. Any additional information on the budget? None at this time. We will not receive our WIOA allocation until March 2018 at the earliest. Please also note that our projected services levels are considered estimates, for planning purposes.

6. What is the current staffing level? 35-40 full-time staff across 4 locations. Staffing levels for next year (PY18-19) will ultimately be based on funding levels and program goals.

7. Is the Provider responsible for any occupancy costs? No

8. Is the Provider responsible for any equipment costs? Workforce Alliance provides center phone system, PC's, copiers, printers, fax, projectors, and basic assistive technology equipment. The Provider would be responsible for beyond such standard equipment.

9. How many businesses are you currently serving? We serve 150-200 businesses a year.

10. Is there a transition budget? If necessary, a transition budget may be provided, subject to negotiation and funding availability.

11. How should an organization provide evidence of partnerships if letters are not required? Almost every section refers to partners. Read each question carefully, and address partners in the context of each response.

12. How should additional question be submitted? Via email to info@workforcealliance.biz.

13. Is there a deadline for questions? No. Questions will be accepted via email until the time of submission (Deadline is 12 PM, Jan. 17, 2018.) However, please provide enough time for a response to be posted on our website.

14. Explain Communications/Branding for the AJCs: Workforce Alliance manages the online presence for both the board and the AJCs including website content and social media; plus media relations and collateral material development and printing. The Provider is responsible for community relations on behalf of the AJCs (including staffing and coordinating community events), partnership development and internal communications to AJC staff and customers. This includes delivery of information on programs, workshops, training and employment opportunities, and labor market information developed by the board. Workforce Alliance works closely with Provider staff on communications strategy to support annual goals.

Additional Questions (Posted 1/11/18 & 11/12/18):

Q: Can you identify the position titles and the current number of staff assigned to those titles: Yes, download HERE

Can you identify which titles can be removed from the list provided? Titles included or not included are part of each organization's proposal. The list provided shows what the current provider has chosen to include. Yours may be different based on your approach.

Q: P. 17, Proposer must include a copy of the signed required federal forms in this RFP package with with proposal. Only one stet of signed forms must be submitted. Should we include a copy of all forms in each of the 9 requested copies? No, you need only to include a copy of the forms in the original.

Q. Can you provide us with the Cover Page in Word formatting? Yes, download HERE

Q. Question 5.a. asks for a Certification Regarding Debarment Suspension Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion forms and we are asked to have the forms signed by an authorized principal. Is this a form we need to create? No, the forms are the last pages of the RFP. You can also download them HERE.

Q. What is the current expenditure amount for Subsidized Employment and the # of slots to fill? The current expenditure and number of slots is not a determinate of what will be available in the next program year, therefore, providing this information at this time would be irrelevant.

Q. Are there separate support services amounts for WIOA/JFES, if so what are the amounts? Currently, support services are capped on an individual basis of $500 in each program.

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