Subsidized Employment

Provide Work Experience & Get Help Paying Wages


Employers can provide work experience and have extra help for up to 12 weeks through

the Jobs First Employment Services program.

Designed for jobseekers with little or no work experience, employers can bring on help for

up to 20 hours a week and choose from candidates referred by program staff who will

troubleshoot any questions or concerns on employers' behalf.

Payroll functions and worker's compensation insurance for participants are provided.

Employers are not required to offer participants health insurance. The program also

provides trainees with access to transportation and child care assistance.

The Subsidized Employment Program is not designed to fill existing open positions, and

there is no expectation of automatic employment at the end of the 12 weeks. However,

many employers find that Jobs First trainees gain skills and competencies that make them

excellent candidates for future permanent positions. Employer components:

  • Meet and interview candidates
  • Compete a 1-page contract
  • Provide 12 weeks of paid work experience
  • Complete employee performance evaluations
  • Consider well-performing candidates permanent employment after training

Contact: Cathy Geremia at (203) 624-1493 x285 or

STEP Up: Subsidized Training & Employment Program

Connecticut’s Subsidized Training and Employment Program (Step Up) provides

wage and training subsidies to employers that hire an unemployed jobseeker. The program

helps small businesses hire employees and expand their workforce.

Step Up features two types of hiring incentives:

1). A wage subsidy, which helps pay a new employee’s salary (up to $12,000) for the first six months of employment, and

2). A training grant that provides employers up to $12,500 over 180-day period to train a new employee.

Step Up also includes an Unemployed Armed Forces Member Subsidized Training and

Employment Program to help former military personnel find new employment. It is similar

to the wage subsidy program, but open to any company, regardless of size.

Contact: Vicki Gelpke at (203) 867-4030 x 267 or