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Find Talent. Train Talent. Grow Your Workforce

Workforce Alliance directs a system that is nimble, flexible and adaptable, generating economic opportunity for business and job seekers in our communities.

Funding from the CT Department of Labor, the federal departments of Labor, Health & Human Services and others, plus private sources, allows Workforce Alliance to provide these free services to businesses and train job seekers.

Over 15,000 people a year visit our American Job Centers looking for work, training or both, providing a large candidate pool. Targeted outreach draws in new participants customized for employer needs. Already have a candidate in mind? Work with our staff to verify eligibility prior to starting work and still qualify for incentives.

Jobseekers undergo a screening, training and job readiness process that means once they reach you, they have the technical and “soft skills” you need.

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On-the-Job Training: You Hire. You Train. We Pay wage reimbursements to hire and train on the job.

Special Focus on: STEM occupations including those in advanced manufacturing, engineering, IT, healthcare and finance sectors, get reimbursed up to 75% of an eligible new hire's salary while they learn the skills needed on-the-job.

With our variety of resources, almost any full-time job is eligible. Contact Wanda Lary at (203) 867-4030 x 254 for details.


Recruitment: Have several openings to fill? We will host and promote a hiring event and deliver jobseekers based on what you are looking for. Or work one-on-one with a Business Services specialist to find the right candidate, and qualify for incentives.

Provide work experience or hire an unemployed person with wage subsidies.

Post jobs and search resumes online by creating an account on, a service of the CT Department of Labor.

Enhance Skills and Grow Your Workforce Matching grants can help build a pool of candidates intended for hiring with a specific skil, or enhance existing employee skills for advancement.

Registered Apprenticeships through the CT Department of Labor can be combined with employment and training services and incentives offered by Workforce Alliance and the American Job Centers. An apprenticeship occurs at a sponsoring employer site where skilled workers share their knowledge to help an apprentice become an expert in a skilled trade, supplemented by related classroom instruction. Apprenticeships generally range from 1 to 4 years. To find out more about becoming a sponsor and apprenticeship occupations, call (860) 263-6167 or visit: